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Testing Activities

Testing represents a critical phase of any project or change implementation. It is typically the means of demonstrating that the system requirements have been met.

We can provide consultancy and project support for testing activities having been involved in all aspects of testing, through planning, execution and reporting:

  • Devising cost effective test strategies that are appropriate for your organisation, whether you operate in a heavily regulated industry or seek to improve quality.
  • Test planning is absolutely critical for manual or automated testing. An essential input to planning is the assessment of the degree of testing required.

Apart from the simplest system or the smallest of changes, it is unlikely that there will sufficient time or resource to test 100% of a system. Even in regulated sectors, such as pharmaceuticals, there is rarely the justification or business benefit to do so.

Typically a risk based approach can be used to identify the high risk areas of a system that must be extensively tested and those areas that can have a reduced level of testing or be justifiably omitted from testing. The rationale for the test coverage needs be documented and approved in advance of testing.

  • The traceability of requirements, through design, to test elements is key to successful testing and ongoing maintenance.
  • Managing testing activities including resourcing, planning, scheduling, handling incidents and defects, to meet the required deadlines.
  • Developing test protocols, test cases and scripts to meet the specified level of testing.
  • Executing test cases in accordance with the test instructions and relevant procedures and obtaining the necessary evidence. We have some experience of automated test execution but have concentrated on effective manual testing.
  • Reviewing and approving executed test cases and test reports including deciding test outcomes and whether the test objectives have been met.
  • Preparing test reports to clearly record the outcomes, issues encountered, their significance and resolutions.
  • Providing QA support and consultancy throughout the testing process to ensure adherence to quality, compliance and regulatory standards.

We are experienced in many different levels and types of testing.



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