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Types of Testing

  • Functional or ‘black box’ testing which is not concerned with the internal logic or structure of the software, only evaluating that the expected outputs arise from specified inputs and conditions.
  • Structural or ‘white box’ testing where the correct functioning of internal logic is investigated. This requires knowledge of the software design.
  • Unit testing where the individual software units are tested in isolation. Structural testing is usually performed at this level.
  • Integration testing which is either the progressive testing of incrementally assembled software units or that of interfaced systems. Usually performed as functional testing at this level.
  • System testing in which functional testing of the whole system is performed. This may require simulated data or interfaces depending on the complexity and size of the system.
  • Acceptance testing to establish whether the customer’s acceptance criteria have been met and the system can be handed over to the customer.
  • Challenge testing involving boundary conditions, invalid inputs, high loadings or security challenges to assess the system’s behaviour when operating at or outside its specified requirements.
  • Regression testing performed after a change has been implemented to confirm that unmodified areas of software continue to function correctly.
  • Verification testing to provide objective evidence that the system requirements have been met.
  • Validation testing to provide documented evidence which gives a high degree of assurance that a system will consistently meet its pre-determined specifications.
  • Qualification in regulated industries – Installation Qualification (IQ) in all environments to confirm correct installations, Operational Qualification (OQ) in a test environment and Performance Qualification (PQ) in the live environment.

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