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BPMN Training, Coaching and Consultancy

To help you utilise Business Process Modelling Notation (BPMN) effectively in your organisation, we offer a range of BPMN services, available online or onsite:

BPMN Expertise

A comprehensive range of independent BPMN services is available from BPMN Plus.

BPM Essentials Classroom Training - Process Modelling with BPMN (with optional Certification)

A 2 to 3 day 'hands on' course for business analysts, process modellers and architects. Covering the more complex aspects of BPMN especially events,  exceptions and business transactions, with a best-practice approach. The complete notation and the rules for correct diagrams that conform to the BPMN standard are explained.

The details needed for capturing and analysing process knowledge, simulating models for process improvements or to generate executable implementations are covered.

The course then takes students beyond the BPMN Specification to enable them to build robust and practical real world business process models.

This course is based on the web training from BPM Essentials. Systematicity is certified and licensed to deliver and certify the classroom training.

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